Realizing the sustainability of "People," "Community," and "Environment," and creating a future where all people can live happy lives

Sustainability Management

Nippon Life, advocating our Fundamental Management Principle of "contributing to the stability and enhancement of people's lives," aims to improve corporate value through contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society that is safe and peaceful, and we are promoting sustainability management in every business activity.

Responsible Investment

Since its founding, Nippon Life has based its life insurance operations on the spirit of "co- existence, co-prosperity, and mutualism." With this in mind, Nippon Life has made efforts to conduct sound management from a long-term perspective, while giving the highest priority to maximizing benefits for our customers. In the asset management field, Nippon Life has carried out investment and finance that contributes to the public good.

Responsible Investment contributes both to realizing a sustainable society and to increasing the corporate value of investee companies, and the resulting improvement in investment returns leads to greater customer benefits, such as the reliable payment of insurance claims and benefits along with the stable payment of policyholder dividends.

Participation in Initiatives

We have signed and endorsed various initiatives to fulfill our social responsibility as a life insurance company and contribute to the creation of a safe, secure, and sustainable society.

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