Sustainability Management

Our Sustainability Management

Nippon Life, advocating our Fundamental Management Principle of "contributing to the stability and enhancement of people's lives," aims to improve corporate value through contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society that is safe and peaceful, and we are promoting sustainability management in every business activity.

From fiscal 2023, we have reorganized the sustainability priority issues intensively addressed by the Nippon Life Group into the three areas of "People," "Community," and the "Environment" and five items based on stakeholder expectations and the relationship between recent social issues and our business. We also established the sustainability priority issues of compliance, risk management, corporate governance, and human capital as the management foundation that supports these priority issues.

In the area of "People," we aim to support people in living stable and healthy lives over a 100-year lifespan, in the area of "Community," we aim to support people in continuing to live active lives in their local community, and in the area of the "Environment," we aim to support the creation of an environment where everyone can continue to live with reassurance.

Going forward, in addition to making initiatives pertaining to sustainability management more sophisticated, the Nippon Life Group will continue to work to strengthen stakeholder engagement through proactive communication with outside parties.

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