Sustainability Promotion System

We have established the Sustainability Committee as an advisory body to the Management Committee, which is tasked with drafting policies on companywide initiatives (including Group companies), confirming the status of initiatives for important sustainability priorities, and drafting the policy for providing external disclosure, among other duties. Primarily made up of executive officers responsible for the management planning unit and each business unit, the Sustainability Committee meets four or five times per year. Additionally, the Sustainability Working Group, made up primarily of general managers, meets once a month. In this way, we have established opportunities for broad discussions in order to promote an even higher degree of sustainability management.
In fiscal 2023, we established a new dedicated organization for sustainability management (Sustainability Planning Office).
As necessary, the Sustainability Committee also invites outside experts and advisors to meetings to discuss specific topics, and their opinions are incorporated into our management, as part of activities aimed at further enhancing our sustainability management.

Main topics for discussion and review
Annual plans and unit-based plans, initiative policy related to the environment (climate change, etc.) and human rights, human capital and so forth

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