What We Do

Insurance Business

International Insurance Business

We operate life insurance business in seven countries outside of Japan, including the U.S., Australia, India, Myanmar, China, Thailand and Indonesia.By providing products and services in various countries, we contribute to the popularization of life insurance and development of the life insurance market, and we aim to maximize policyholder interests by working to develop our overseas business in order to earn long-term stable profits.

Japan Insurance Business: Individual Insurance

The needs of individuals and society are growing more diverse amidst an accelerating decline in birthrates and aging of society, changes in economic conditions such as fluctuating interest rates, rapid expansion of digitalization, and societal changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, life insurance companies are playing an increasingly important role in supplementing social security systems.

Our sales team has almost 50,000 members nationwide, and we aim to improve our face-to-face consulting capabilities through the growth of each sales representative's ability, so that we can continue to provide our customers with products, services and after-sales support when they need it across the long term. We are also pursuing new initiatives that utilize digital technologies to provide products and services to customers we have been unable to reach in person.

Also, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive product lineup that covers diverse needs and risks through each of our Group companies, including TAIJU LIFE, Nippon Wealth Life, HANASAKU LIFE and Nissay Plus SSI. In addition, we are working to improve customer convenience by developing a broad range of distribution channels, including those through financial institutions, agencies and direct channels.

These initiatives are part of our customer-oriented approach to business operations and enable us to deliver peace of mind to all of our customers.

Japan Insurance Business: Corporate Insurance

The business environment surrounding companies and groups is changing drastically due in part to technological advancements and globalization.

Additionally, in conjunction with diversification in how companies employ people, responses to support for balancing work with nursing care or illnesses are becoming even more important. With these trends, the needs of companies for welfare have become more and more diverse.

Under these conditions, as the main contact for customers, our corporate sales representatives leverage Nippon Life's Group-wide capabilities, and respond to the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

Specifically, in addition to providing consulting and insurance products and services pertaining to corporate welfare systems, we offer custom-made solutions and support customers on various fronts, such as by introducing investment products and property and casualty insurance offered by our Group and partner companies, and business matching.

Customer Service

The environment surrounding the life insurance industry is constantly changing and customer needs are becoming increasingly diverse due to a variety of factors. One such factor is shifting demographics associated with Japan's aging society with fewer children. Another factor is changing lifestyles and greater diversity in consumption patterns. These trends have been driven mainly by advances in digital technologies and cutting-edge IT. The environment has also been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In this environment, Nippon Life believes that it is crucial to have a service delivery platform that can offer solid support to customers over the long term, from policy enrollment and during the term of a policy to the receipt of claims and benefits. In doing so, we seek to fulfill our responsibilities to policyholders, which forms the unchanging foundation of the life insurance business.

In a fast-changing society with increasingly diverse customer needs, it is important for every employee to practice customer-oriented conduct at all times. For this reason, we have formulated our "Customer-Oriented Operational Management Policy." Guided by this policy, we will continue to raise the sophistication of our service delivery platform.

Asset Management

Our approach to asset management is rooted in our mission to steadily pay dividends over prolonged periods as we uphold the long-term promises in our life insurance policies to our policyholders.

Specifically, we use an ALM* approach to generate the stable returns promised to our policyholders and primarily invest in Japanese government bonds and other yen-denominated fixed-income instruments while also investing in higher-risk assets, like foreign securities, under the prerequisites of stringent risk management and sound management principles. We are also working to improve our ability to obtain stable returns by building a balanced and diversified portfolio that includes investments in different assets, countries, currencies and other factors, as well as by carefully managing transactions in line with the cyclical movement of markets over the mid- and long- term.

The assets we manage are made up of premiums paid by policyholders, and we consider safety, profitability, liquidity, and public interest when making investments.

  • *
    Asset/liability management (ALM): A method of comprehensively grasping and managing assets and liabilities.

Our Basic Approach to General Account Management

  • 1.
    Make investments in line with our primary objective of fulfilling our financial responsibilities to policyholders
  • 2.
    Achieve stable, long-term growth on investment returns through the consistent application of our investment strategies
  • 3.
    Make investments that will satisfy policyholders based on the mission and the public nature of the life insurance business

New Business Development

We aim to provide new value to customers not only through our existing business focused on insurance but also by supporting a 100-year life era from various aspects, including planning and developing new businesses and services to resolve social issues, centered on childcare support, healthcare and responding to the aging society.

We are also promoting innovation initiatives to further create value through new approaches, such as by monitoring trends in industry transformation in the insurance and financial sectors and collaborating with venture companies that have advanced technology.