President's Message

To Earn the Greater Trust of Customers and Society

Develop a Business Base for Sustained Growth to Remain the Dominant Market Leader

Last fiscal year we launched our new Mid-Term Management Plan "Going Beyond," which targets "regaining and enhancing productivity at an early stage" through growth in the number of customers and "improvement in earnings capabilities and financial soundness." Throuth placing customer-oriented business operations and sustainability management at the core of our business management, we aims to embrace change and secure a path to further growth and advancement.

For encouraging customer-oriented business operations, we have expanded our lineup of products and services to meet a range of customer needs and have conducted various customer-oriented activities based on our Customer-Oriented Operational Management Policy to earn greater trust from customers and the wider society. It includes providing proper information based on customers' wishes and special treatment for policyholders relating to COVID-19.We also encourage modifying our business operations and evaluations at sales locations, and deploying and improving digital tools among other activities.

Our sustainability management aims to improve our corporate value through contributions to building a safe, secure and sustainable world. Contributing to the security and welfare of the public is established in the Fundamental Management Principles of Nippon Life and we are practicing sustainability management in all of our business activities accordingly. We are actively conducting in ESG Investment and Finance, in other words asset management with Environment, Social and Governance perspectives as an institutional investor.Turning to the grave and imminent challenge of climate change, the Nippon Life Group ("our Group") has set the target of net-zero emissions by fiscal 2050 for CO2 emissions in our areas of business activity and greenhouse gas emissions in asset management areas, with mid-term targets for fiscal 2030 set accordingly. We believe that customer-oriented business operations and sustainability management are the drive to achieve our mid-term vision, "Develop a Business Base for Sustained Growth to Remain the Dominant Market Leader", and promote these three growth strategy.

  • 1.

    Further Explore the Domestic Insurance Market

    To further explore the domestic insurance market, we are creating a new model of sales representative activities for the digital age that combines in-person service and digital tools as one of our highest-priority initiatives.
    We are focusing on strengthening the sales representative channel through sales reforms, exploring markets through unified Group-wide efforts, upgrading and expanding our products and services, and enhancing our customer service delivery platform.

  • 2.

    Strengthen and Diversify Group Businesses

    As a mutual company, we are strengthening asset management business and overseas insurance business, and expanding new businesses in the three key areas of healthcare, childcare support and innovation. To maximize benefits for policyholders.

  • 3.

    Strengthen Investment Capabilities

    In the area of strengthening our investment capabilities, we are enacting portfolio transformation and enhancing our ESG investing and finance to achieve both more stable profit and reduced risk through improved risk-return efficiency. We are strengthening theree areas of ERM promotion, digital utilization, and human which support these strategies, as important group management base.

Nippon Life have provided safety and security over more than 130 years. We will make our best to support everyone's safety and security, to better accommodate the customers' needs and change in the society.