Philosophy and Strategy


Fundamental Management Principles of Nippon Life

Life insurance business based on the philosophy of "co-existence, co-prosperity and mutual aid" is closely connected with the welfare of the people, and people's understanding and trust are indispensable for the development of life insurance companies.
In the view of such nature of the business, we have firmly determined to contribute to the stability and enhancement of people's lives under the precepts of Conviction, Sincerity and Endeavor, and hereby established the "Fundamental Management Principles of Nippon Life".

  • 1.
    We will provide insurance products which are truly needed with a wide range of services, and give first priority to fulfill our responsibilities to the policyholders.
  • 2.
    We will, in recognition of the public service aspects of the life insurance business, make appropriate investments, and contribute to the elevation of the social welfare level.
  • 3.
    We will improve further our productivity and raise the Company's performance in every aspects, with creativity based on wisdom and convincing execution.
  • 4.
    We will raise the living standard of all our employees through the prosperity of the Company. We will also strive to improve the qualities of our employees as good members of society.
  • 5.
    As a member of the life insurance industry, we will take a cooperative position with autonomy, and contribute to cultivation of public understanding for life insurance and development of this industry.

President's Message

To Earn the Greater Trust of Customers and Society

Develop a Business Base for Sustained Growth to Remain the Dominant Market Leader


Mid-Term Management Plan

We will execute our Group growth strategies and strengthen our Group business base that supports them, aiming "regain and enhancement of productivity at an early stage" through growth in the number of customers and "improvement in earnings capabilities and financial soundness."
We are also placing customer-oriented business operations and sustainability management at the core of our business operations, and will fulfill our social roles even further by practicing customer-oriented business operations with a focus on social issues such as digitalization and population aging as well as by implementing initiatives for carbon neutrality, including strengthening ESG Investment and Finance. Through these efforts, we aim to be a group that continues to support the future of its customers and society through "People, Services and Digital Technology."