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Annual Report


closeWhat's Nippon Life Insurance

  • Nippon Life Insurance Company’s 130-Year History
  • Nippon Life Group's Stakeholders
  • Overview of the Nippon Life Group
  • Business Performance Highlights
  • Top Message
  • Nippon Life’s Value Creation Model
  • Nippon Life’s Sustainability Management

closeMedium-Term Management Plan

  • Overview of the Medium-Term Management Plan "Zen Shin -Next Stage- (2017-2020)"

closeBusiness Overview

  • Domestic Insurance Business:Individual Insurance
  • Domestic Insurance Business:Corporate Insurance
  • Customer Service
  • Asset Management
  • Overseas Business

closeManagement Platform

  • ERM
  • Advanced IT Utilization
  • Human Resource Development
  • Promoting Health Management
  • Timely Disclosure of Information for Investors
  • Initiatives for Communities, Society, and the Environment

closeCompany Information

  • Main Business Details
  • Company History
  • Organization
  • Employee Highlights
  • Products and Services for Individuals
  • Products and Services for Corporate Customers
  • From Application to Conclusion of a Policy
  • Requesting Payment of Insurance Claims and Benefits
  • Nippon Life’s Solicitation Policy
  • Personal Information Protection Policy (Handling Customers’ Personal Information)

closeFinancial Data

  • Financial Statements
    • Consolidated Financial Statements
      • Consolidated Balance Sheets
      • Consolidated Statements of Income
      • Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income
      • Consolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets
      • Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
      • Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements
    • Nonconsolidated Financial Statements
      • Nonconsolidated Balance Sheets
      • Nonconsolidated Statements of Income
      • Nonconsolidated Statements of Changes in Net Assets
      • Nonconsolidated Proposed Appropriations of Surplus
      • Notes to the Nonconsolidated Financial Statements
    • Independent Auditor’s Report
  • Operational Statements
    • Status of Financial Assets (Consolidated)
    • Status of Financial Assets (Nonconsolidated)
    • Main Business Indicators
    • Insurance Policy Indicators
    • Accounting Indicators
    • Indicators Related to Investment (General Account)
    • Securities Indicators (General Account)
    • Separate Account Indicators
       Status of Separate Account for Individual Variable Insurance
       Status of Separate Account for Individual Variable Annuities
       Status of Separate Account for Group Annuities

closeSupplementary Materials

  • Policyholder Protection Systems
  • Worldwide Network
  • Company Profile

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